Privacy Notice

Who we are

HomeSafe Alliance Inc. (HSA) includes a group of companies that provide industry-leading solutions to governments and commercial customers around the world. As part of that mission, HSA creates IT applications for use by HSA employees and HSA customers.

What personal information HSA collects about you and why

HSA collects your name and email address (and, if you are a HSA employee, your Network ID number). HSA collects this personal information to identify you—including to verify your identity—for purposes of allowing you to access IT applications you have chosen to use.

HSA also allows you to voluntarily provide other personal information to enable use of IT applications. These types of personal information include your physical address, office phone, and mobile phone number. This information is used to identify you, verify your identity, to communicate with you related to your usage of IT applications, and to provide other communications related to your relationship with HSA.

For this application, HSA collects information to allow funds transfers. This can include your Social Security Number, other national identifiers or other identifiers required by law or necessary to facilitate funds transfers, and account numbers for financial institutions. The account numbers are for your company and not you, so they are not personal data, but in the interests of transparency we want to notify you that if you do provide a personal account’s account number, we are collecting that data to facilitate funds transfers.

If you are an employee, HSA can use your information in other ways. You can see more information about what personal information HSA collects about you and why on the HSA intranet in our Global Employee Privacy Notice here .

We may collect additional information related to usage of specific IT applications. In those situations, specific privacy notices will provide you with more information.

We may transfer your information for legitimate purposes

HSA may transfer your information within the various HSA entities to provide you use of the IT applications. HSA may also transfer your information to other entities that may process your information (including by allowing access when necessary for ensuring the IT applications continue to work). For example, because we use the Microsoft Azure framework to provide access to our IT applications, Microsoft may be able to see some of your personal information when providing troubleshooting or in its cloud backups of login information.

How we protect your information

HSA protects your personal information by keeping it confidential and secure. HSA retains it only for as long as it is needed for HSA’s lawful purposes. When HSA transfers information to other entities or across borders, complies with data privacy laws with respect to ensuring that recipients protect your data.